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    Offer for 1st Medical

    If you are new to AeroMedicals we are happy to offer a £15 discount for an EASA Class 2 medical. When booking online use the coupon code NEWCLIENT Book now

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    Changing AME

    Your records from previous aviation medicals are stored centrally on a CAA database. If you choose us for your next medical we will have access to your CAA history.

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    Services Offered

    We offer EASA Class 1 medicals (revalidation/ renewal), Class 2 medicals (initial & revalidation/renewal) and cabin crew medicals. More

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    Tel: 07795 424623
    email: contact@aeromedicals.co.uk
    AME Partners Ltd, Corris, Rock Road, Washington, West Sussex, RH20 3BQ


Following the negotiated Brexit now expected on 31st January 2020, the UK will begin a transition period lasting until at least 31st December 2020. During this transition the UK will remain a member of EASA and we will be able to carry out medicals on all EASA licence holders as before. The CAA's stated preference is to remain in EASA after the transition period is over, but this will be subject to the negotiations with the EU. If the UK does leave EASA at the end of 2020, we are planning to become certified with another European member state so that we can continue to carry on undertaking EASA medicals on our European pilots

Welcome to aeromedicals.co.uk, the website of Dr A. Jones, CAA accredited AeroMedical Examiner (AME). AME Partners Ltd. has moved to its new facility conveniently located just off the A24 in Washington, West Sussex, from where we undertake medicals for professional pilots, private pilots and cabin crew.

We aim to provide a quick turnaround on a full range of aeromedical services including Class 1 renewal/revalidation medicals, initial and subsequent Class 2 medicals and cabin crew medicals as well as advice and assistance for our registered clients in the event of any decrease in fitness.

We recognise that pilots and cabin crew are busy people, so we normally open 3-5 days a week including Saturdays. There is a fully automated booking system on this site that enables you to browse and book slots convenient for you. If you need an urgent appointment and a suitable one is not available, contact us to discuss options.