CAA Cellma Medical Records System

The UK CAA discontinued its old medical records system on 26th March 2021. All applicants for UK Class 1 and Class 2 medicals now use the new CAA Cellma system. You still book your medical directly with us, but you will also need to have/create a CAA Portal account and submit your medical application online via the Medical Service on the Portal (called “CELLMA”) at least 48 hours before attending your medical appointment. This process replaced the old paper based medical application, which used the MED160 form. Please note you must also pay a CAA application fee on the Portal as part of the medical application (currently £15 for Class 1 and £9 for Class 2) – we will not be able to carry out your medical if the application and/or CAA administration fee is outstanding.

Creating a CAA Portal account
If you do not already have a CAA Portal account you can apply for one at . Having created your Portal account you then need to apply for the medical service. Please be aware that it can take 5 working days for the CAA to add the medical service to your portal account.

Logging in to your CAA Portal account and using CELLMA
Once you have your portal account with the medical service activated you can log in to complete your medical application and pay the CAA application fee. You can access CELLMA via the “Medical” service on the Portal home page. A pilot’s user guide for the CAA Cellma medical records system is available here.