Our team has the right to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

AME Partners Ltd has a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ of abuse whether verbal or physical towards team members

Examples of Unacceptable standards of behaviour include:

• Violence
• Threatening or abusive language such as swearing or offensive remarks
• Derogatory racial or sexual remarks
• Malicious allegations relating to members of staff
• Wilful damage to practice property
• Threats or threatening behaviour

The practice will request the removal of any client from the premises who is aggressive or abusive towards any team member. All instances of physical abuse will be reported to the police as assault and the client will be removed from the practice list.

Removal from the list for other reasons

In exceptional circumstances, a breakdown of relationship may occur between members of the team (medical/administrative) and a client. In these circumstances AME Partners Ltd reserves the right to require the client to change AME.

You can download this zero tolerance policy in pdf format.