Impact of Brexit

Following the negotiated Brexit on 31st January 2020, the UK began a transition period lasting until at least 31st December 2020. During this transition the UK will remain a member of EASA and we will be able to carry out medicals on all EASA licence holders as before.

The CAA’s stated preference was to remain in EASA after the transition period is over, but the current UK negotiating position is that the UK will leave EASA and proposes that the UK and EU establish a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) allowing for mutual acceptance of certification processes, including those affecting personnel licensing.

How we will continue to service EASA clients

If any final agreement prohibits UK AMEs from undertaking medicals on EASA licenced pilots after the transition period, we intend to become certified with another European member state so that we can continue to offer EASA medical examinations to our European pilots.